On Having a Website

Writing. It's a peculiar art form to share with people. It replicates speech, but in dedication to the craft of writing well, it rarely conveys the reactionary dynamics of conversation. When writing is taught in Universities, there is an emphasis placed upon the ability to select the right words and to be as convincing as possible, so that when you do write something down, it is clear, well thought out and (at least in the individual's opinion) exactly what they want to commit to saying. In another way, writers have a responsibility to make the most out of an activity that is not reactive. It is for this reason that writing should take time. Saying the first thing that comes to one's head might be applicable in a conversation, but it shuns the process of carefully selecting words and phrases that makes writing an art form. 

Understandably, finding a context for writing that is sculpted with respect to these conditions is difficult in an age dominated by proliferous social media platforms. Although microblogging and photoblogging have their part to play in our online existence, the good that they can do is limited by the uniformity of their presentation. Through 'feeds' these online spaces develop their own language, their own aesthetic, their own zeitgeist as a result of the combination of users. Anything inserted into these ‘feeds' is ascribed meaning by the posts that immediately precede it. 

As a writer I want for my work to be read and understood through a context that enhances it's meaning. The things that I think about, the emotions that I wish to express through my writing take place in isolation and are created in an equally isolated state. Instead of having a context unwittingly imposed by ceaselessly noisy ‘feeds', by creating this website my aim is to develop a space for writing of this careful nature to exist. Hopefully, by putting this writing here, it will be able to be read in a way that remains true to the way that it was written.