Monthly Poetry Reading Series at The Wheatsheaf Hotel



This new reading series will bring together some of Adelaide’s best poets on the first Wednesday of each month. Fans of poetry will be treated to readings from established interstate poets as well as some of the best emerging local talent. 

Run by local poet Dominic Symes, NO WAVE is a testing ground for new work and plays an important role in the creative development of local poets. The readings are primarily concerned with raising the profile of poetry in Adelaide, showcasing the best local talent by creating a space for diverse voices to take their craft into new and exciting places. 

Equally, the readings are an occasion for local poets to share ideas, encourage collaboration and enhance the sense of community surrounding poetry in Adelaide. 


From my intro at the first edition of the series:

“So NO WAVE. Thanks for coming. The idea to start a new reading series came after I realised that I just didn’t have the same access to the community of poets in Adelaide after Ken stopped running the Lee Marvin series. This might have just been my fault, that I didn’t branch out more, there are other poetry readings in Adelaide which are fantastic, but really none where an established poet might get asked to read at twice a year, or where because of the regularity of the readings and the familiarity of the audience one might feel safe trying out new material, or where an interstate poet might come to launch their latest book, or somewhere, where as a young student of poetry one might get invited to read in front of a crowd of poets and lovers of poetry. To me there seemed nothing wrong with the format of Lee Marvin, with the pool of people who would read regularly; only that Ken wasn’t able to run it anymore. So, after a lot of umm-ing and ahh-ing on my part, after talking to Ken to use some of his contacts, I started sending emails. Lots of emails. And here we are. I have booked this space out for the rest of the year on the first Wednesday of every month. Ria, and the staff at The Wheaty have been really kind to me by letting us have the space for free, on one of their only available regular nights — so please go to the bar and keep repay their kindness if you are able to. 

My intention of course was not to crowd out other reading nights or to create clashes with other events, but rather, start something regular, centrally located, where all of the money from the door price goes to the poets who are reading on the night. Hopefully as the series builds momentum we will be able to get more local poets involved giving readings — to that end, I am certainly looking for expressions of interest if you’re interested— If you are ready to launch a book, if you are nearing the end of a project and sending things off to publishers, or if you just want to share your new work with an audience — please come up to me in the intermission or at the end of the night to chat with me about putting you on the bill for future events. I have been in contact with a number of fantastic poets from interstate to read at future NO WAVE events, as I think there is a really good opportunity for exchange there, and I have had some very positive responses, so we will see how that pans out in the coming months and whether I can make the funding for that happen. For now though, it is great to see so many familiar faces, thank you for coming and let me tell you what you can expect tonight.”


Here is a list of the previous line ups that have appeared at NO WAVE so far in 2018.



Heather Taylor Johnson, Alison Flett, Thom Sullivan, Banjo Weatherald.



Louise Nicholas, Jules Leigh Koch, Jenifer Liston, Em König

NO WAVE 6:6 JPEG.jpg


Jill Jones, Jelena Dinic, Aidan Coleman, Banjo James

no wave aug jpeg.jpg


Peter Goldsworthy, David Mortimer, Billie Wallace-Yarrow, Caed Scott


Raining Poetry